Project Windowpane

As part of the Laundry's efforts to develop materials and tactics that will permit Her Majesty's Armed Forces to confidently defeat opposing forces in OCCWARFARE scenarios, the Research & Development Office has been working for some time to synthesize on a large scale Ibn-Ghazi Powder, an alchemical preparation which renders visible normally invisible and semi-invisible targets.

With production becoming more successful, the primary investigators felt it would be useful to test distribution of the compound using devices common to UK forces, to wit 40mm grenade launchers and small-block cluster munitions normally employed by RAF Close Air Support aircraft.

The second series of open-air WINDOWPANE tests conducted at Site HEATHER were interrupted by unrelated incidents that regrettably cost the lives of several Royal Marine field-testers, and almost cost the lives of our Primary Investigator, Dr. Charles Bearden.


Codename Archive

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