VIOD SKIP is the Laundry codename for a SCEPTRE AXE entity located in (or possibly “composed of”) an adjacent universe. It’s essentially a sentient black hole. Also known as “The Grateful Devourer” or “The Darkness That Eats Only What We Give It”. VOID SKIP is invoked using an artifact of unknown provenance that the Laundry recovered from a criminal network in Italy. Discovered by the Italian civil OCCINTEL agency, VOID SKIP was being employed by a Mafia network – in a twist on their normal pattern of “waste removal” followed by illegal dumping, this familia was actually disposing of the toxic and industrial waste it collected from extorted clients. Instead of dumping it surreptitiously on park and farm land, they were pouring it down the gullet of what now appears to be a sentient black hole in another dimension. After a Guardia raid on the transfer point ended with a half-dozen casualties, the Italian authorities asked the Laundry to take charge of the Gate artifact used to summon VOID SKIP.

Operations are gleefully referring to this field op as "The Italian Job".


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