The ULTRABLACK Committee

ULTRABLACK is the codename for a permanent standing committee within Operations’ Office of Ways & Means which allocates the Operation Division’s budget. While ULTRABLACK only sits periodically, the decisions they hand down can affect all of Operations for years, so the permanent committee staff have alarming amounts of power and are lobbied with great diligence.

For a number of reasons (Into which it is unhealthy to inquire too deeply), the ULTRABLACK committee has no Chair. The business of the committee is directed by a member of the committee who serves as Acting Ordinary Clerk of the Purse for a period of up to several months, and all policy directives are passed to the permanent committee staff by written directive From Above. If you pour enough drinks into someone on the ULTRABLACK staff, they may tell you stories of how annotated minutes of committee meetings appear overnight on desks inside locked and warded offices. And those annotations were clearly written by people who could not have possibly been in those meetings…

Martha Wallis, a Senior Administrative Officer of enormous experience, is one of the permanent support staff for ULTRABLACK, and a friend of Philecta Elliot's.

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