Properly called Project NIGHTMARE RED SATELLITE TRAVELER, this is a sub-project appended onto SATELLITE as an afterthought.1 If retrograde time-travel is, in fact, possible, it would suggest that we may soon see2 refugees coming back to our time from the other side of the NIGHTMARE horizon. If the Laundry could locate and debrief such an individual, their testimony could prove invaluable.

The theoretical underpinnings of TRAVELER are wonky enough. The practical applications are proving impossible. The sort of Dho-Na methodology required to warp space-time to an extent necessary to transport a human being through time3 is barely hinted at in our current theoretical understanding4, and would require Wheeler-Yuan permeability at least three sigma past the range our local reality-matrix will currently support. IE, it isn't possible until after the Earth has suffered a Vingean-Lovecraftian Singularity. This is SCEPTRE-level stuff. The receiving end of that sort of transit should show all sorts of weird phenomena, allowing us to locate our traveler at its heart. Unfortunately, TRAVELER hasn't spotted anything like the suggested localized burst of weirdness that would indicate an arrival. So they keep searching, and are also revisiting their transit model, in case there's some way a retrograde time traveler could sneak into our timeframe.

Parallel to this, TRAVELER has also sent out recommendations for enhanced tracking of Laundry personnel accessing important facilities, on the theory that a TRAVELER could well be one of our own. Mostly, they're watching for duplicate use of authorized traceable credentials, because if an officer's in two places at once, something is wrong. Internal Security and Site Security assure us that they're on the job.

If you think that TRAVELER is a dead-end project intended to stymie a troublesome subordinate, you're right. It may also prove the salvation of all mankind. (According to its lead investigator.)

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