Project THISTLE was spun up in a terrible hurry prior to the Scottish Secession Referendum. The separation of Scotland from the United Kingdom would have had an unhealthy effect on any geas, treaty, binding or invocation that included application of the Terrible Name of the United Kingdom. THISTLE involved huge overtime runs from Contracts & Bindings, the Unconventional Diplomacy Office, Computational Demonology, and the Archive. And all for naught.

The dirty secret is that the THISTLE committee didn't complete their research and planning before the Scottish Referendum. The report remains incomplete, and since the resource allocation for THISTLE was discontinued after the referendum, the (now inactive) THISTLE committee1 are trying to complete it in their2 spare time. Since SPLENDID is going over some of the same ground as THISTLE did, some THISTLES now serving on the SPLENDID committee may be stealing work-time from one to complete the other…


Codename Archive

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