Site TEASHOP is a Laundry operational site located in the British Antarctic Territory. Ostensibly a seismological monitoring station run by the British Antarctic Survey, this is actually an occult surveillance facility keeping watch over Site ANNING TERRACE. Site TEASHOP is quite possibly the crappiest posting in the entire Laundry. It’s bleak, freezing, boring as hell, and your only nearby neighbors are the frozen inhabitants of an ancient alien city, or the pariahs manning the Black Chamber’s own deniable surveillance site forty kilometers away. Enjoy your stay…

Staffed (ostensibly) with personnel from DFO's Office for Surveillance Management, it's actually a dumping ground for people from many different departments who've managed to truly irritate their line managers. TEASHOP has a listed staff of 5, though it hasn't run at full strength for years, and shortages of personnel who've completed the BAS training course means the "Forgotten Men" at TEASHOP keep getting re-upped for another stretch. The standing record is 32 months at TEASHOP without relief.

Don't screw up - it might be you next…


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