Site SUNSHINE (AKA "Camp Sunshine") is a custodial deprogramming facility for cultists that the Laundry operates in the lovely Cotswolds.. Located at Dreyvallan House, (Condicote, Gloucestershire) this former Stately Country Home was commandeered by the SOE during WWII and never given back. “Camp Sunshine” is co-managed by Legal Affairs’ Office of Custodial Management, HR’s Department for Medical & Psychological Services, and the Counter-Possession Unit (part of the Department of Arcana Analysis). The facility’s cover is a private drug rehabilitation clinic.

Not every cultist that the Laundry captures goes to SUNSHINE. Some are too dangerous, and end up at the Special Custodial Facility at HM Prison Barrows1, while others know little enough that they can be treated with a basic package of geasa before being handed over to the police services, or just released. The people in the middle, who have had enough exposure, or suffered enough damage, or took their cult's message sufficiently to heart, are destined for an indeterminate stay at Camp Sunshine in the care of dedicated and vigilant staff whose mission it is to adjust their minds and attitudes enough for the next stage in their life. For most, that's release into the community service system, through which the Laundry will keep tabs on them for the rest of their lives. For a few, it's long-term commitment in a Laundry-sponsored psychiatric facility. And for a few, that next stage is the offer of a job for life.2. Welcome to the Laundry!

Ex-cultists3 may comprise up five percent of the Laundry's personnel, although they're far more common in lower-echelon "mushroom farm" positions than elsewhere. The few who make it into Field Operations have a reputation for being perhaps a bit over-zealous in their actions when facing cults, a point their line managers should keep in mind.

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