SULTANATE was the British Intelligence1 codename for the KGB’s Thirteenth Directorate, the Soviet-era Russian OCCINTEL body2. For a number of reasons, the Russians were very slow to begin developing modern computational demonology – they remained more than a decade behind the West throughout the twentieth century despite diligent attempts to steal the basic research. However, dating from the times of the Tsars, the Russian intelligence services were always very pro-active about seizing and employing traditional and indigenous occult techniques and methodologies, so it was always a mistake to assume that their lack of Turing technology made the Russians any less dangerous.

The Russians are believed to have gotten their hands on enough Turing Theorem work to become operational in the early 1980s, just in time to unleash several good-sized horrors in Afghanistan (Operation JANNISSARY)
With the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, Thirteen Directorate transitioned seamlessly into the new Federal Security Bureau. Regardless of what they call themselves these days, to the Laundry they’ll always be the Thirteenth Directorate of the KGB.

The SULTANATE is still deeply, if illegally, entrenched in the former Soviet client states of Eastern Europe, and as these states move towards EU membership the Laundry’s operational contact with “the Sovs” increases.

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