Project SPLENDID is an all-hands joint administrative and operational committee tasked with preparing the Laundry to leave the European Union. Since the last decade or more has been all about drawing OCCINTEL ties closer to the rest of Europe, this involves undoing lots of detailed legal work, and reneging on lots of sensitive personally-negotiated understandings. Because this involves , conservatively, half the entire Laundry and all of its cases, projects and operations, it should come as no surprise that the SPLENDID distro is thick enough to choke a horse.

The SPLENDID committee initially tried to simply use the THISTLE report as its template, but the problems don't match at all in scale - and THISTLE was never finished… Because the organization doesn't yet know how drastically our political masters want to sever ties, the committee are planning for contingencies ranging from "polite lip service and business as usual" to "burn our bridges behind us". It has proved impossible to explain to Whitehall that, while we're prepared to fight the invading alien hordes from beyond time and space in the villages and the fields and the streets, as Churchill so famously said, we would, in fact, prefer to fight them in France.1


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