Operation RAMSES

A Laundry operation that ran from 1956 until its disastrous end in 1965. Following the dismantling of the American QUARTET organization, the Laundry felt it was valuable to establish informal liaison channels with non-Black Chamber American occult assets, in part to provide a parallax view of the American OCCINTEL body's decision-making processes. Later, after the end of BROTHERHOOD, RAMSES was actually running agents inside the Black Chamber. It collapsed in May 1965, with all of its American assets and five of their Laundry handlers caught by Black Chamber counter-subversion teams.

Harold Stowe, who headed RAMSES in the field from 1959 until 1965, operated illegally in America without LIGHTHOUSE coverage or contact. Stowe and the other "RAMSES Five" were eventually returned to the Laundry1, but were never employed again.


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