QUINTET was the SOE's WWII-era codename for the American OSPR (Office for Scientific Phenomenological Research) operations in the Pacific Theatre. Compared to QUARTET, America’s OCCINTEL in the European Theatre, QUINTET was an afterthought, staged in case the Japanese proved as thaumaturgically dangerous as their German counterparts.1 The Americans' Pacific witch-hunting unit was based in Sydney, Australia, and seemed to benefit from a close working relationship with its liaison officers from SOE's X Division. In fact, SOE-X nose-led the Americans from the unit's formation in 1942 until late 1945, when the OSPR Pacific contingent was replaced by Black Chamber officers. After that transition,2, the new management steered a more independent course for QUINTET.

Under the terms of BROTHERHOOD, QUINTET still maintained "close liaison" with the SOE3 Far East operations. In fact, relations between the two bodies was worse in the Pacific than they were in Europe at the time, with British and American officers competing for the same access, informants and assets. In addition, while it was British policy to offer aid to returning European colonial administrations, the Americans showed equal interest in establishing ties with indigenous forces hostile to the Europeans. They were also trying to grab as many occult artifacts as they could, for removal to the United States.4

QUINTET's last major operation before being officially withdrawn was an effort, as part of the U.S. military's Operation_Beleaguer, to seize an important library of Chinese occult texts from a temple in the village of Kuyeh. The Black Chamber officers bungled the infiltration and local cultists responded in such force that U.S. Marines aiding the effort were forced to call in air support to fight their way out. The temple and its library were destroyed in the resulting fire-fight, and none of the important manuscripts made it back to America.5


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