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Al-Safai, Hassan - SYNCOPE team
Victor Arden - Special Technical Officer[OD/R&D/CD-T/EAL], seconded to OD/DFO
Eleanor Atwood - Payroll dept.; one of Claire's flatmates
Helena Axe - Operational Oversight

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Kenneth Barbie - one of Victor's flatmates, Year 1
Danny Boyle - one of Victor's flatmates, Year 1

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Jeffrey Cake-von Schoenfeldt
Ludwig Cake-von Schoenfeldt - Deputy Delphic Officer in Predictive Branch
Vivienne Carlowe - Claire's housemother
Naomi Clarke - Frank Jellison's "Friday"
John Colville - Senior Leading Manager [OD/DFO]

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Phillip Depton - Management Lead, Readiness Assessment & Social Integrity Planning groups
Kyle DeVos - Project Manager on ZEPHYR STOVEPIPE ARCADE
Daniel Dravitts - Senior Field Specialist [OD/DFO]
James Dundee - OFS Field officer on the SYNCOPE team
Avery Dunstable - Senior Leading Administrative Specialist in Philecta's work-group in CB

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Philecta Elliot

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Peter Franklin, PhD

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Jilly Gooch - R&D technician, helping Victor with his "disposable ghost detector" project
Ruth Grisham - Operational Oversight

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Dierde Hookes - OFS/Busker on the SYNCOPE team
Candace Horrocks - one of Claire's flatmates
Adam Hove - Permanent staffer, ROUNDABOUT committee

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Frank Jellison - ILG/Diplomatic Office. Runs Jefferson Hackwell as a source

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Tommy Kearn - OFS/Busker, street surveillance specialist
Claire Kilkenny - Field Technical Officer [OD/R&D/OFS/FSAO], seconded to OD/DFO

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Juliette Lowell - ILD/Diplomatic Office

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Jules Manderly
Jase McIlvrey - Special Technical Officer in Q Division
Roger Moore - CompDem/Entropic Applications Group, Victor's line manager

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Ramsay Nguyen - Dev-Lead on ZEPHYR STOVEPIPE ARCADE
Adam Norway - DIL/PD

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Randy Page - Senior Scientific Officer and lead investigator on Project HANDBRAKE. Currently serving in Counter-Possession.
Esmeralda "Esme" O'Malley - Field Lead on the SYNCOPE team
Samuel O'Malley - Field officer on the SYNCOPE team

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Adam Peavey - one of Victor's flatmates, Year 1
Sid Priasambarthi - Senior Technical Officer in Q Division

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Kermit Rogers - Philecta's line manager in Contracts & Bindings

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Hal Tennyson - Henry Albert Alfred Casterleigh Tennyson, 7th Baron Strange, Deputy Special Administrative Officer

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Henry Volk - Senior Administrative Lead in R&D, holds Sid & Jase's leash

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Martha Wallis - senior staffer on the ULTRABLACK Committee
Thomas Woodhill - the barman at The Kraken

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