PANGLOSS was a Laundry technical project that included several large-scale open-air tests of powerful and (we later discovered) poorly understood spatial transformation actors derived in part from material recovered from Site ANNING TEASHOP. The primary investigators of PANGLOSS originally hoped the S.T.A.s would allow instantaneous teleportation across planetary (and possibly interstellar) distances. They never quite worked.

Because the project team retained some shred of basic caution, the PANGLOSS series tests were conducted at a safely distant location. After two other sites proved inimical to the correct processing of the underlying mathematics, the team set up camp at Hackleford Drift in the Western Australian Desert. A joint project was formed with the appropriate section of the body that is now the Australian Secret Intelligence Organization. Five tests were "fired off" between 1964 and 1967, with the last being PANGLOSS ULTIMA (January 11, 1967).

The ULTIMA test went somehow amiss, and an uncontrolled spatial deformation pinched off about fifteen square kilometers of desert terrain into some other dimension. (Although the basic calculations suggest that the process my someday reverse itself in a form of elastic recoil, the time-variable isn't clear. In any case, hope springs eternal.) After the ULTIMA mishap, PANGLOSS was discontinued and the relevant maths were buried very, very deep in the Archives, if only to keep newer, more hopeful and less cautious officers from trying them out again.

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