Organisational Chart

The Laundry (Approximately 800 personnel)

Administration Division (AD)

Auditing, Department of (AD/DA)

The Auditors
Financial Control, Office of (DA/OFC)
Quality Assurance Department (DA/QAD)

Human Resources, Department of (AD/DHR)

Health & Safety, Office for (DHR/OHS)
Personnel, Office of (DHR/OP)
Payroll Department (DHR/PD)
Housing Office (DHR/HO)

Interdepartmental Liaison Group (AD/ILG)

Internal Logistics, Department of (AD/DIL)

Armoury (DIL/Arms)
Enchantment & Production Office (DIL/EPO)
Facilities Management, Department of (DIL/DFM)
Information Technology Office (DIL/ITO)
Maintenance & Janitorial Services, Office of (DIL/OMJS)
Nutrition Office & Meal Services (DIL/NOMS)
Purchasing Department (DIL/PD)

Internal Security, Department of (AD/DIS)

Legal Affairs, Department of (AD/DLA)

The Black Assizes (DLA/BA)
Contracts & Bindings, Office for (DLA/CB)
Legal Affairs Office (DLA/LAO)
Internal Affairs Office (DLA/IAO)

Records & Information Support, Department of (AD/DRIS)

Operations Division (OD)

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