The MINDER Sites

MINDER was the Laundry codename for a number of sites around the UK at which bodies were prepared for use as Residual Human Resources. "MINDERs" was also the informal in-house monicker for members of staff employed in the gathering, transportation and preparation of bodies for reanimation.

With the acquisition of Site DURABLE WICKET in 2006, it was decided to consolidate all RHR preparation and enchantment operations at a single specially-designed facility, enabling the organization to benefit from concentrations of organizational memory and talent while enjoying applicable economies of scale. The MINDER facilities around the country were to be closed or (it was later decided) mothballed in case of future local requirements. Most members of MINDER facility staff were offered transfer to Manchester, with the rest resituated by the normal processes of retirement, internal reassignment or redundancy.

DURABLE WICKET opened in 2010 and was fully on-line by Q1 2012, and the last MINDER sites were shuttered in Q2 2012.

  • Liverpool
  • Leeds
  • Birmingham
  • Norwich
  • Cardiff
  • Basingstoke
  • London: Watford & Gravesend

The Birmingham facility, having been damaged by a fire in an adjoining property, was demolished for safety reasons in early 2014, and the Watford facility has been turned over to DRIS for use as overflow document storage site for less-classified materials. Gravesend, 50km down the Thames from London, has been mothballed.

The Norwich facility is mostly closed, with only the attached crematory remaining in intermittent use.

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