The MACKINTOSH Committee

The MACKINTOSH committee was convened by Department of Internal Logistics/Maintenance & Janitorial’s Office of Waste Management (DIL/M&J/OWM) and includes representatives from Contracts & Binding, Unconventional Diplomacy, Computational Demonology, Financial Control and Field Support (Toshers). The committee’s brief is to determine actionable guidelines for the Laundry’s interaction with the extra-dimensional entity codenamed VOID SKIP. Discovered by the Italian civil OCCINTEL agency, VOID SKIP was being employed by a Mafia network – in a twist on their normal pattern of “waste removal” followed by illegal dumping, this familia was actually disposing of the toxic and industrial waste it collected from extorted clients. Instead of dumping it surreptitiously on farms and parkland, they were pouring it down the gullet of what now appears to be a sentient black hole in another dimension. After a Guardia raid on the transfer point ended with a half-dozen casualties, the Italian authorities asked the Laundry to take charge of the DOORBELL artifact used to summon VOID SKIP.1

The representative from Janitorial wants this committee to determine conditions and procedures necessary to permit the Laundry to resume dumping inconvenient garbage down VOID SKIP. Interrogation of the surviving Mafiosi involved in the original operation2 suggests that the Grateful Devourer liked the “presents” it was receiving, and might look favorably on their resumption. Possible repercussions will be only one topic that will need to be discussed, with technical investigation (possibly) authorized for later (hence the inclusion of the Toshers on the committee.) Also, Unconventional Diplomacy are keen to determine what sort of quid pro quo one might develop with a sentient black hole.3

You get no Status boost for being named to the MACKINTOSH committee. On the other hand, it’s also a low priority, so the assignment will generate relatively little traffic and require relatively little effort. The committee also meets infrequently, with the FS/T member’s irregular working hours the most common reason for rescheduling. Except for the chair, most of the committee members are junior officers in their own departments so MACKINTOSH is actually a useful lateral-networking opportunity.

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