London Paranormal Society

An amateur "hobbyist" group of investigators into the strange & bizarre, the current incarnation of the LPS consists of a small active core of members, a somewhat larger group of associates and "fringies", and an unknown number of interested parties (and detractors) who regularly read the group's website. The LPS Core crossed the Laundry's path during Operation HIVE, and Claire Kilkenny is being groomed to infiltrate the group as part of Operation JELLYBEAN.

  • Alan Yonge, Leader of the LPS: (IC1 male, 28, 6'0", 175 lbs., blonde hair, fit, dresses sharply) Freelance software developer specializing in social apps. Has degrees in CompSci and Maths (Statistical Modeling). Conspiracy theorist. Suspicious of other "investigators" and of the government.
  • David Cowles, AKA “Tall Dave”: (IC1 male, 30, 6’4”, 200 lbs., sandy hair, goatee) Part-time delivery driver for an appliance company. 2 years RAF (Medical discharge following a back injury). Definite UFO fancier.
  • David Newsome, AKA "Short Dave": (IC1 male, mid 20s, 5’5”, 165 lbs., red hair, round features) Undergraduate at University College London in Electrical Engineering. One of the LPS’ technology guys and an adherent of Geo-Magnetic Manifestation Theory (versus “Ghosts” and “Aliens”). He's taken a shine to Claire Kilkenny.
  • Arvid Scholokovskiy: (IC 2 male, late 20s, 5'11", 210 lbs., brown hair) Also an undergraduate at UCL (Computer Engineering). The other core tech guy. “I’m not saying that it’s aliens, but… it’s aliens.”
  • Seth Rosen: (IC6 male, 26, 6'1", 210 lbs., brown hair) Graduate student at London School of Economics, specializing in Number Theory. Married. Probably more involved in LPS than he ought to be, given the other demands on his time & attention. (Keeps his LPS activities strictly compartmentalized from LSE)
  • Natalie Rosen: (IC6 female, 27, 5'3", 150 lbs., black hair) Graduate fellow as LSE, specializing in Monetary Theory. Married to Seth, also probably more involved in LPS than she ought to be. Also strictly compartmentalized.

The current LPS has been operational for about two years, having taken over the name and imprimatur from an older group that sort of fell apart about five years ago. Alan Yonge has been the energizing force behind the group, driving "useful" members to actively participate while maintaining "Op sec" against detractors, fractious fellow-travelers and "energy vampires"1 he feels interfere with the group's mission.

The LPS exists within the vague constellation of counter-reality factions active in metropolitan London. Along with UFO theorists, there are any number of mediums, support groups for budding psychics, students of "alternative energy medicine", far-out self-help groups, faerie-hunters, ghost-hunters, and clubs advertising ways to raise, expand, amalgamate or just plain alter your consciousness. The Laundry has discovered recently that while their digital penetration of this population is useful, it falls far short of HUMINT on the ground. The higher-ups have decided to correct this oversight following several recent flare-ups that could have been caught earlier with good penetration of the London counter-reality cultural scene (BASS MYSTIQUE, SAPPER EMBOLDEN). This is the reason for Operation JELLYBEAN.

Individuals of Interest

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