Operation LANCET

Operation LANCET was a Laundry emergency-reaction operation staged in SW Ruralshire. Pursuant to instructions from the Predictive Branch, an IIRO was officer placed on the ToE of Project TRANSECT RELEGATE so he would be in position to respond to an ill-defined "potential national catastrophe". This was heralded by a fatal explosion at a poultry-production facility which appeared to have been caused by a non-standard expression of the Gorgon Effect (qv: SCORPION STARE, ANDIRON.)

The effect was traced back to an information-gate experiment being conducted nearby by an eclectic team of independent researchers. Their efforts to create uncrackable quantum-entanglement communication channels opened up a processor gate into an adjacent universe, and spillage through the "edges of the channel" (including those through the brains of their experimental animals) caused the SCORPION STARE-like effects.

Casualties: 4 civilians, 2 perpetrators, 0 officers.
Complications: Radiological contamination of a large poultry-production site, major food-security flap in HM Government, screwed over the Security Service by shifting the police busywork onto them while Laundry officers snaffled all the interesting technology, one non-operational PIA at large in London, an uncertain money-trail for the conspirators which will be hard to trace in Europe post-Brexit.

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