In the late 1970s, agents of the KGB's Thirteenth Directorate (SULTANATE) obtained enough basic work on the Turing Theorem to allow the Soviet Union to finally establish a modern computational demonology capability. Among the techniques they chose to pursue was the invocation and binding of ANNING BLACK entities for military purposes. While Thirteenth Directorate had obtained the Turing materials and controlled some of the research exploiting them, the ANNING BLACK project fell under the direction of the Ninth Special Techniques Military Research Group (Spetsial'nyye Metody Voyenno-issledovatel'skaya Gruppa, or 9-SMVG).

The Soviet military had employed some lesser Turing techniques in the growing quagmire in Afghanistan, but in June of 1986, still reeling from a successful mujahedeen offensive, the Kremlin decided to deploy 9-SMVG to Khandahar Province.

The Soviets lost control of their "black devils", which devoured most of 9-SMVG before turning on nearby Russian troops, then proceeding into the mountains to hunt independently. Laundry officers supporting SIS agents nearby joined forces with a group of covert CIA operatives to track and try to thwart the ANNING BLACKs before they could reach major population centers. Not unsurprisingly, the CIA men turned out to be Black Chamber agents, but the goal remained the same. The unlikely joint team was eventually successful in banishing all three AB entities, although not without casualties.

As a benefit, the Laundry obtained certain SMVG material that was examined as part of Project LAMBENT RECOIL.

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