Operation HILT

HILT was a British Army operation undertaken in 1936 against the BLUE HADES shore enclave at Dunwich, Norfolk. Under a Special Parliamentary Order, a hand-picked unit seized and destroyed the village fishing fleet and arrested all of the inhabitants of the village. The Dunwichers’ citizenships were invalidated by Special Order of the Crown and they were interned as Suspicious Aliens. A dozen villagers were relocated to HM Prison Barrows in the Cumbrian mountains, while the rest remained in Norfolk under Army guard.

The village of Dunwich disappeared off the government Ordnance Survey maps beginning with the 1936 publishing. The country lanes leading to the isolated village were torn up for the most part, and Norfolk seemed happy to forget about the place.

An RAF radar facility, part of the Chain Home Low system, was built on a hillside over the village in mid-1940. The Army officially handed the Norfolk Special Military Exclusion Area over to SOE control in 1941, and it became a Laundry facility after the war. It's still a permanent Laundry training area, known as Site VILLAGE.

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