The HEADSTONE Committee

The Laundry committee charged with handling events, incidents and reports involving zombies or the walking dead.

The HEADSTONE Category Working File's remit was originally incidents involving zombies and the walking dead. Over time, this expanded to include any PIR involving animated corpses, missing corpses, corpse theft, body-snatching and grave-robbing, illegal or inadvertent exhumation, desecration of burial grounds, theft or misappropriation of human tissue of all kinds, and (finally) any crime committed within or against a morgue, mortuary, funeral home, crematory, cemetery or burial ground. HEADSTONE gets cross-reports on a lot of PIRs that end up with NATIONALITY and also has to deal with a lot of misdirected reports of hospital-related crimes and incidents that properly belong to MATRON. There’s apparently a glitch in CHARLES that assumes that if any Person of Interest named in a PIR has died, that PIR should also get listed as a Walking Dead PIR. Recently, HEADSTONE has had to redirect a lot of ROUNDABOUT PIRs that end up on their plate. (Again, CHARLES.)

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