GLASS SURGEON was a post-WWII Laundry operation was originally supposed to cover the debriefing and ultimate disposition of selected Nazi sorcerers captured during and after the end of the war. It covered the long-term incarceration of a handful of Axis practitioners the Laundry decided not to execute. The last of these "Surgeon's Mates", as they were called, died in custody in 1989.

The Laundry also used GLASS SURGEON as its codename for operations in support of the SOE's Operation CHAR, which continued into the 1960s.

In the mid-1970s, Laundry leadership added one more codicil to GLASS SURGEON's remit: custody of the mortal remains of certain dangerously powerful sorcerers. Some 36 bodies were quietly exhumed across Europe and brought to a secure facility that the Laundry has operated for some time. As politics and circumstances have permitted, more sets of remains have been obtained in Eastern Europe and South America to "complete the collection". It's rumored that some senior Laundry staff are also required to be buried in this same cemetery. You're not cleared to know why, or where.

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