Site PAVER GARDEN is an OCCSEN (Occult Sensing) facility operated by the Special Sensory Means Laboratory, a sort of back-water section of the R&D Division, at RAF Northolt in the far western suburbs of London. "The Garden", as it's called by the informal wags of Q Division, is an out-site housing certain experimental sensory equipment that simply doesn't fit in the SSML home facility beneath central London. In fact, PAVER GARDEN is a lousy site for conducting any sort of high-energy sensory experiments, because it's within the radar airspace of a major RAF facility and is also located inside the glide-path to London Heathrow, the second-busiest airport in the world. While there's been talk of establishing a new "Garden" elsewhere, that initiative will have to wait for the SSML to attract the necessary funding.1

While "The Garden" has its drawbacks, it also has certain advantages. Among these are the multiple layered security perimeters it sits within - combining the post-9/11 hostile paranoia of a major airport, the armed vigilance of the oldest continually-employed RAF base in Britain, and the quiet "Queen-and-country" fanaticism surrounding the basing location for No. 32 Squadron (Her Majesty's Flight - the personal aircraft that transport the sovereign and other high-level VIPs)

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