The GAMESMAN Dossier

The GAMESMAN Dossier is a document listing all of the occult and supernatural techniques and assets used by the Tsar's Okhrana, as noted by agents of the Special Office for Pertinent Intelligence, an ad hoc Foreign Office body which concerned itself with the strange and bizarre. The Special Office was active mostly in India, although its "special gentlemen" sometimes consulted in matters elsewhere, and GAMESMAN dates from the period just before the Great War. While it focused on various shamanic traditional practices adopted by Russian agents, GAMESMAN also contains observations on more Western hermetic techniques employed by the Tsar's men in France and Switzerland.1

GAMESMAN was never a complete view of Russian OCCINTEL capabilities, but it proved useful in Operation MOONLIGHT during the Second World War, and still had hints to offer through the 1970s. Interestingly, some of the Tsar's officers identified (and in one case photographed) in GAMESMAN were still active in Russian service circa MOONLIGHT2, which would make them over a century old. The suggested existence of an un-aging core of specialists running OCCINTEL operations goes a long way to explaining how the Soviet Union managed to fend off both the Laundry and the Black Chamber without reliable access to modern Turing methodologies. A note to agents in the field: if you ever meet a senior SULTANATE officer, assume that he's far older than he looks, assume that he's extremely dangerous, and don't ignore the possibility that he may be comprehensively off his rocker.

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