The FOOTPATH Committee

FOOTPATH is planning major Laundry training exercises to coincide with "Zombie Day UK", a public event scheduled for the coming summer bank holiday, which is also part of "Zombie Day" events scheduled across Europe and the world. The public events, which will include "fun runs" and street festivals with a cheerful horror theme, have attracted a lot of official attention and are being used

It's being widely publicized and promoted, and hundreds of thousands of people are expected to participate. Certainly every pub, eatery and nightclub in the country is planning tie-in events…

No doubt the police are opening up their normal crowd control play-book to keep things safe and pleasant. And other security agencies are using this as an opportunity to help their people "think about their ordinary jobs in extraordinary circumstances". For example, the security manager at a power station will pose the question to the staff "What actions do we take to protect the facility from the undead?" as a way to get people to really think about how to apply normal security protocols to expected situations. "We're making security-mindedness fun and habitual, you know."

At least, that's what most agencies are doing. The Laundry, on the other hand, is thinking about this For Real. What do you do when a large portion of the population of the urban cores have been brain-sucked and camped by carnivorous possessor entities who don't play well with others?

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