ELEMENT is the Laundry designator for a broad category of exonomic entities that appear to originate in much hotter universes. They are creatures of magnetism and gravity, who "think" by looping streams of energized plasma through loops in space-time, rather than exchanging minute electrical charges between mostly-liquid brain cells. They're traditionally called "Fire Vampires".

Being summoned into our universe is lethal to ELEMENT beings, as their "brain" cools and dissipates. It's usually lethal to people in the vicinity too - these things put off enough heat and hard radiation to do a good impression of a small star. An unconstrained ELEMENT has about two minutes in our universe before it ceases to be. Most of them will try to down-step their thought processes from channeled plasma into something more suitable. They'll try to interface with the nearest sufficiently-complex computational device and download themselves before they fall below their critical operating temperature. Unfortunately, in doing so, they usually incinerate the target system.

Dying ELEMENT entities sometimes explosively de-cohere. The results are similar to those of a car-bomb, only with added thaumic and radiological after-effects.

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