Site DUB-STEP is a small warehouse and factory in East London where the Laundry is building, restoring and stockpiling manual typewriters and other items of early 20th century office machinery, in case “step-back scenarios” requiring the elimination of electronic (or even electrical) systems becomes necessary.

DUB-STEP is covered as a typewriter-repair shop called "Just My Type", and actually turns a small profit from the various Luddites who seek out its services. Its personnel are mostly drawn from the older and more sedate portion of the Department of Internal Logistics’ Information Technology Service. This is not a high-status assignment, at least currently. The site manager is Walter Dobbs, but the front-desk is normally manned by a fellow called Baz Northcote.

Claire Kilkenny is using DUB-STEP as her cover-identity's employer as part of Operation JELLYBEAN, so she's getting acquainted with the site and its staff.

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