The DAUPHIN Committee

This recently-formed service support committee is operating under a remit to examine all Laundry procedural documents1 relating to Persistent Thaumic Resonance Conditions. What was envisioned originally as a survey and reconciliation of certain lab procedure manuals and their field operation cross-over documents has morphed into a full-blown power grab by the committee chair. DAUPHIN was originally chaired by Cecile Pullman of OFS, but when she went on indefinite medical leave following a service-related injury, her Deputy Chair Douglas Crisp somehow got the committee's Directive to Proceed adjusted. The new DTP was open-ended enough to allow Crisp to expand DAUPHIN's activity from editing lab manuals to reviewing all activities within the Laundry's remit that may produce any thaumic leakage or secondary effects.

Codename Archive

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