Danube Crossing

DANUBE CROSSING is the Laundry codename for the autonome species called variously Serpent Men, the Children of Yig or “Reptoids”. The DANUBE CROSSING civilization existed over fifty million years ago. It would appear that isolated individuals have survived into recorded time by using suspended animation or rapid-reconstitution techniques. Their ability to assume human form and infiltrate human societies makes identifying DC individuals problematic, and the information is widespread enough to have entered popular culture. Contrary to claims made by certain ex-footballers-turned-media-commentators, no members of the British Royal Family are reptoids.1

From the limited intelligence the Laundry has on DANUBE CROSSING, it would appear that there isn't a unified DC network - we usually encounter only individuals2 who seem to be working alone for their own goals, which they don't necessarily share with other DCs.

All examples of DANUBE CROSSING technology are considered extremely dangerous. All PINEAPPLE protocols apply in suspected exposure situations.

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