Special Liaison Group working between the Laundry and the Republic of Poland's ABW (Agencja Bezpieczeństwa Wewnętrznego, or Internal Security Agency) and the Policja (the national police force). Office 7 of the ABW handles "exceptional situations", and is quite a small department within the agency. While their remit is officially "all the weird shit", Office 7 is especially keen on hunting signs of SULTANATE activity within the Republic, so the officers on CAPSTONE CROSS are usually drawn from the Laundry's team of Russia-specialists. On the Laundry's advice, ABW's Office 7 is careful to avoid crossing paths with officers from Poland's military intelligence and counter-intelligence offices, the SWW and the SKW - like far too much of the Polish military these days, they have close American ties which put them at heightened risk for JONATHAN interference.


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