CRESCENT BLACK entities are also known as Night Hags or Feeders in the Night. They're a particularly unpleasant type of Class 2 exonomic entity. They're like tiny voracious parasites made out of entropy - they come from other realms which are a lot closer to the heat death of the universe, and they destructively absorb warmth and information.

Unlike most entropic manifestations, CBs can sometimes manifest without local assistance and we don't know quite how. It's speculated that they can worm their way in through dream channels, with partial contacts resulting in night terrors and more complete contact causing death by cardiac failure. Some CRESCENT BLACK victims reanimate as zombies.

These nasty little horrors frequently appear in the wake of major exonomic manifestations - the waves of CRETAN and SCEPTRE AXE entities expected for many of the NIGHTMARE will likely be accompanied by swarms of CRESCENT BLACKS numbering into the tens of thousands.1

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