Laundry operation that targeted a neo-Odinist cult operating in the Greater London Area. COPPICE BREACH was complicated by several factors, including the fact that suspected cult members were also under surveillance by the Security Service as part of operations against neo-Nazi groups in the UK, and by the Met for narcotics distribution. In the end, the Laundry rolled up the group in a hastily-arranged op about five months ago without prior coordination with DI5 or the police. Our teams slipped the notice of the Met's Drugs Intelligence unit, but not DI5's - one of the "fellow travelers" detained for catch-and-release processing as the core cult members were snatched turned out to be an undercover Security Service officer, and he was already past first stage Cleaning before this fact became apparent.

The administrative fallout has been… awkward. The leading officer on COPPICE BREACH, Ada Porter, is currently persona non grata in the Interdepartmental Liaison Group and the Operational Oversight process on BREACH was abrupt and condemnatory. Her Line Manager Edward Hughes took it on the chin as well.

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