Project COLLIER is a legacy project joint-managed by Predictive Branch, the Monitoring Group and HR's Department of Medical and Psychiatric Services.

Following the report of the BOLD-FACE committee in the late 1990s, Predictive Branch authorized Project COLLIER, to employ selected individuals within the general population as local instability detectors. The methodology has varied over the years, with targeted in-patient taskings1 superceded by a "free-range" approach in the later stages of the active project period.2

Currently, COLLIER has charge of four targeted individuals: two in custodial care in Birmingham, one near Cardiff and one remaining in London. The sampling interval for the latter two is currently six weeks, though the COLLIER liaison in DMPS3 can authorize more frequent sampling.

The roster of current COLLIER field sampling officers stands at 3, though one has been re-located outside the COLLIER activity area4 and only one is based in London. The minimal demands of the late-stage COLLIER methodology mean that HR has reclassified the Tasking Demands for the assignment to 0.05 FTE, or approximately one hour per fortnight. The tasking description for COLLIER FSO, however, is also listed as an On-Call Authorized Position, subject to extra duty As Needed.

There is currently no designated Project Head for COLLIER.5 The Project Support Officer is Thomas Ardwell.

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