Operation CAPSTONE

Active Laundry operation for bringing our foreign partners (EU and non-EU states) up to British OCCINTEL and OCCOPS standards. The CAPSTONE committee has dozens of Special Working Groups (arranged by topic of interest) and Special Liaison Groups (arranged by partner or potential-partner nation). With the world edging ever-closer to the NIGHTMARE threshold, the Laundry has established a (semi-)permanent office for CAPSTONE within the Interdepartmental Liaison Group’s Diplomacy Office (Conventional): the Joint Framework Partnership Group (CDO/JIFCI).

Under the Joint Intergovernmental Framework Agreement on Cosmological Incursions, all signatory nations are theoretically equal, but as the late George Orwell said, some are more equal than others. As much as others may hate to admit it, Britain has a nearly unassailable lead in these matters, so the rest of the partner nations need to join us at our game. Despite the recent Brexit vote, the Laundry remains committed to the cosmological security of our European neighbors.1

As much as possible, the Laundry is trying to keep CAPSTONE free of interference by Europol, the OSCE, the Joint Intelligence Committee, and the Foreign Office.

QV: BALANCE (Czech Republic), CROSS (Poland), VALET (France), SPLENDID

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