Project APACHE BONNET is a Q Division technical mission to piggy-back Dho-Na engines onto existing large-scale neutrino detectors. There are a limited range of actors which either cause or employ neutrino emissions, and all of them are of interest1 to the Laundry. BONNET HADES hopes to monitor BLUE HADES technical activity and communications between their various enclaves around the globe, while BONNET UPTICK is intended to search for time-displaced transmission leakage in support of NIGHTMARE RED NEIGHBOR and NIGHTMARE RED SATELLITE.

BONNET, like most APACHE projects, is basically stalled. It's scratching for funding and also faces almost intractable security problems, since all the global neutrino detector facilities are overseas and are shared by researchers from many nations. The BONNET committee's impossibly expensive proposal to establish an all-British neutrino detector facility at Trawsfynydd, Wales will probably never be approved. The much smaller BONNET PAVER device being operated on a shoestring beneath Station X is just a proof-of-concept model, with practically no chance of yielding any operational data.

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