Up until the late 1940s, encounters with BLUE HADES were extremely limited and usually hostile. During the 20th Century, the advent of mass communication and rapid transport made it harder for isolated coastal communities to conceal BLUE HADES presence. Several violent incidents1 marked the per-WWII period, followed by retaliatory strikes by BLUE HADES2. Immediately after the end of the war, the decision was taken to attempt peaceful contact with the sea-dwellers. Using formulae derived from Order of Dagon scriptures captured as part of Operation HILT, and employing the Chain Home Low radar stations at RAF Dunwich, the Laundry managed to call up BLUE HADES emissaries in late 1948. Initially, BLUE HADES assumed these humans desired the standard bargain3, but diplomacy prevailed.

In retrospect, it is likely that the discovery of the Turing Theorem proved a decisive factor – now that humanity had the capacity to accidentally wipe out all life on Earth, the BLUE HADES civilisation had to take notice of us. This initial hesitant contact was followed in 1951 with additional meetings. There is a large BLUE HADES colony close to the Azores and emissaries from there met with representatives of the Laundry and the Foreign Office aboard a Royal Navy warship. From this meeting, the groundwork for a treaty between our two species was established. Both sides agreed to meet again six months later. During this intervening period, the British government contacted its NATO allies and briefed them on AZORIAN BLUE HADES. After the second meeting (which was attended by the first Type III BLUE HADES), this briefing was extended to all signatories of the Helsinki Protocol including the USSR and its satellites and a draft treaty was created that was circulated to all parties.

The Benthic Treaty (also known as the Agreement of the Azores) was signed in October of 1954 aboard HMS Eagle. The treaty covers relations between the Deep Ones and humanity, outlines their respective spheres of influence and establishes limits on the actions of both sides. The penalties for breaking the treaty are severe; they are enforced by geasa on the signatories. (This actually penalises the immortal BLUE HADES signatories more than the human ones, as an individual human representative may be long dead before his side breaks the treaty; this is balanced by the BLUE HADES policy of answering treaty violations with extreme force.) The treaty has also become the cornerstone of post-Helsinki occult diplomacy in the developed world. As no human power wishes to anger the Deep Ones, the Benthic Treaty is the ultimate court of appeal. Subsequent additions to the treaty define communications channels between the various human occult intelligence agencies, allowing them to observe each other and ensure the Benthic Treaty is not being violated. So far, the Benthic Treaty has survived four revisions; the next summit meeting is scheduled for 2017, by which time we might already be well into Case NIGHTMARE GREEN, rendering all of this academic anyway.

Certain paranoids have suggested that the whole Benthic Treaty is a huge bluff on the part of BLUE HADES and that when the Stars Come Right, the Deep Ones will side with their squid-like masters and eat our brains. According to this theory, Articles 6 and 7 are a nefarious scheme to retard our development of the occult weapons that might stop the cosmic horrors. Supporting evidence for this: pretty much none, although the regular late night poker games in the Azores do suggest that Deep Ones are really good at bluffing.

The Benthic Treaty for Bluffers!
Article 1: Both species have the right to exist on Earth.
Article 2: Everyone agrees to abide by the terms of this treaty. The treaty can be revised by subsequent agreements and both sides agree to attend future meetings.
Article 3: Lays out remedies and punishments for treaty violations, which can be summarised as ‘we reserve the right to sink your country’.
Article 4: Sets the limits of both sides; humanity may not penetrate more than one kilometre below mean sea level and the Deep Ones agree not to encroach upon the land, unless they feel like it. Humanity is not to bother the Deep Ones; the Deep Ones will consider not swatting our civilisation on a whim.
Article 5: The Deep Ones agree not to take our women without permission; establishes communications protocols for interactions outside the scope of the treaty and ensures that Type II hybrids are permitted to exist.
Article 6: Both sides agree not to summon Azathoth or any other cosmic horror that might eat the planet, without written notification.
Article 7: Do not mess with anything in Appendix Two. It is mostly a list of sites on the ocean floor and Antarctica where Thou Shalt Not Go but also includes several incantations and gate destinations which are Off Limits.
Article 8: Gives the Deep Ones observer status at the UN4 and a legal standing in international affairs – but the existence of an alien hyper-civilisation is to be kept secret as much as possible.
Appendix One: Legal and linguistic definitions for both sides, plus the binding geasa.
Appendix Two: The list of things humanity is not meant to meddle with, in case we blow up the planet.
Appendix Three: More legal stuff that the Deep Ones could not be bothered reading, so it is stuffed into this appendix and ignored by everyone except lawyers. The relevant bits cover relations between Helsinki signatories.

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