Project ASHPIT

ASHPIT is a current Laundry project developing operational plans to remove vital records and cultural relics from London in the event the city is threatened by a NIGHTMARE event. Begun as part of NIGHTMARE RED DOORSTEP several years ago, the ASHPIT working group involves staff from Field Operations, DRIS' Office for Acquisition & Storage, ILG's Met Desk and several other departments, many of whom were chosen as much for their pre-induction skillsets as for their current job descriptions. The committee began by dusting off similar plans drawn up by the Home Office during The Blitz, and then started dealing with the Laundry's own peculiar twists. (For example, the WWII-era planners never envisioned having to fight their way out of a London clogged with the walking dead, or having to first break into the museums they’d been sent to empty.)

While ASHPIT is currently just a “thought-experiment”, the staff are having way too much fun planning major art heists on the Government’s dime.

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