Project ARCADE

Project ZEPHYR STOVEPIPE ARCADE seeks to gather mass-population data about the response of ordinary Britons to a massive cosmological incursion event (MCIE, pronounced “Mickey”) by publicly releasing a massively-multiplayer online “escape game”, and tracking the results of millions of play-throughs. The game, currently entitled “N-Timez”, has been under development for more than a year, but it’s currently languishing for lack of funding, approval, and clearances.

Ramsay Nyugen is the Dev-Lead on ARCADE. His Project Director is Kyle DeVos. They have a team of several part-time programmers and developers, including Victor Arden.

A mission team, codenamed CYPRESS, has entered into a public-private partnership to develop the game distribution framework for N-Timez, though that rabbit-hole may prove more liability than benefit.

Codename Archive

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