The APACHE Committee

In the early 1960s, OCCSEN (Occult Sensory), for conducting "regular" espionage by occult means, was the Next Big Thing. Intended originally to employ the Laundry's mastery of Turing methodology to bootstrap British Intelligence back to global prominence, Project APACHE was originally a joint Laundry-MI6 operation targeted at the Soviet Union. Problems in methodology (and the difficulties of control being shared between two organisations which hated one another) meant that APACHE never successfully or consistently pierced the Iron Curtain. It had better luck keeping tabs on the Europeans (QV:FRIENDSHIP). Officially at least, there were never efforts to direct APACHE at American targets or assets.

The original Project APACHE morphed over several years into the APACHE committee, acting to direct and oversee a number of technical projects in support of the OCCSEN mission.

MI6 left the APACHE game in 1971, and by the late 1970s, the committee had shifted much of its attention to searching for signs of the end of the world. NIGHTMARE SMOKE, its successor committee, absorbed most of APACHE’s projects in the late 1990s. The few APACHE projects that escaped inclusion under the SMOKE umbrella are long-term, low-yield efforts that have been inexorably starved of priority and funds. The committee meets only a few times a year, and Jules Manderly, a superannuated SSO-4, is its entire full-time staff, managing its circulation and distro.


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