ANDIRON is the Laundry codename for "stoner" weapon systems - weaponised, optimised portable SCORPION STARE devices. By necessity, these all incorporate a pair of digital cameras funneling their feeds through the Gorgon Emulator hardware to invoke the "parallax observer effect" required for completion of a stoner cascade effect.

The Model 1 ANDIRON, first made available in about 2001, was built mostly from a pair of Hi-8 digital camcorders glommed onto a custom-built circuit board incorporating the stoner sequence emulator hardware. The Model 1 was as big as a large loaf of bread, and about as robust in the field, but it did the trick. Approximately half of one percent of the target's carbon atoms transitioned to silicon, with extreme rapid exothermic transfer causing most of the local damage.

The Model 2 ANDIRON device was a lab-test unit, of which the less said, the better. The only good thing to be said about the Model 2 is that the dev-team managed to limit the carbon-to-silicon cascade effect to only 1/10 of 1% of the target C atoms, greatly reducing the conversion-effect's hard-radiation halo.

The Model 3 was built as a fist-sized add-on device intended to mate into the expansion-card slot on Laundry-issued Treo PDAs, employing the device's built-in camera as one of the essential points-of-view.

The Model 4 is the current state of the art in look-to-kill organic demolition systems. The basic unit, the 4.0, connects to a standard SmartPhone and will completely flatten the battery in about ten shots. It has a maximum effective range of about 25m and a scope of effect equivalent to 1.4degrees of arc. (About 50cm at 25m range).

The Model 4.A looks like a P90 machine pistol on steroids, with an enormous hooded scope and no apparent barrel. The "clip" is a high-density lithium-ion battery that weighs 3.4kg and can be swapped out in seconds. Loaded, the ANDIRON 4.A weighs 5.2kg (~11 lbs.) Its effective engagement range exceeds 120m, and can be dialed down to 0.04 degrees of arc (10cm at ~ 150m range). The batteries are good for about 30 shots, and the unit can be set for "flickers" - 3-shot bursts.

With MAGINOT BLUE STAR in the pipeline, the DIL/Armoury hasn't sought a design project for a larger ANDIRON unit.

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