Welcome to The Archives

Welcome to the Archives.

In these admittedly forbidding and exceedingly secure stacks (as well as a few other locations for which, apparently, you are not yet cleared), you will find information and documentation stretching back to the very beginning of The Laundry - and before.

Much of this information is only comprehensible in context. Sometimes that context takes the form of additional information. Sometimes it takes the form of complete and irrevocable insanity. Most of the items falling into that latter category have been marked as potentially hazardous1. You may also encounter some folders which you will find it either impossible to open (if you are lucky) or merely extremely inadvisable to open. That latter category will almost certainly be marked as hazardous2. Be aware that the document control measures on certain items in these stacks can cause severe and lasting physical and psychological injuries. If you are uncertain whether you're cleared for the contents of any particular folder, ask first. It saves a great deal of mopping up, both figuratively and literally.

By the way, while the name "The Archives" is generally used to indicate the documentary & institutional memory of The Laundry and this physical location in a disused stretch of Tube tunnels beneath the City of London, in fact we are a sub-branch of the Department of Records & Information Support (AD/DRIS). The Department of the Archives (DRIS/DA), headed by the Chief Archivist (OCA/DA/DRIS) operates the Main Archives Centre/London.

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